We love our guests!

Getting a room at hotel Kornilov is a great opportunity for a comfortable stay not only due to exceptional service, neat rooms, and accessibility to a great restaurant. It is also located in a highly centralized location of Pokrov with just minutes away to all nearby points of interest. 

If you're searching for a great location during your stay in Pokrov, Kornilov hotel is your best find!

At your service: 
Free WiFi
Restaurant & Bar
Room service
Conference room
Office equipment
Car parking
Fresh media

Ищете отель в Покрове? Мы ждем Вас в отеле Корнилов!

Мы находимся на растоянии 100км от Москвы и наш отель по дороге в Н. Новгород, Екатеринбург, Казань, Уфа, Суздаль и другие

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